Jayne\'s Ottoman

I built this ottoman using a plan and DVD I bought from The Yankee Workshop. I chose to use a simulated leather for the fabric. I had some issues getting the proper upholstery kit from the furniture manufacturer. They sent the wrong foam (without the holes) and failed to send me the button pattern for the fabric. We got it resolved and the customer service folks at Lee Industries were wonderful!


Mahogany Headboard Detail

The customer wanted to match an existing antique chest in the bedroom that was over 75 years old.

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Good wood

A friend came into a huge collection of 100 year-old white oak beams from a barn. They were four by six by 16-foot! We could have all we could get in my pickup. The folks who gave it to us weren't home so we couldn't get any power to run the saw. We had to saw them in-half by hand.

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More wood

My preferred style of furniture is Shaker Style - simple and clean.

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